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PS 9 is an open-choice elementary school with a strong focus on the arts. The PTA at PS 9 is committed to encouraging parents to use their “VOICE” (Vision, Opportunity, Independence, Collaboration, Expression) to create meaningful opportunities for students, staff, and families. As a result, we provide a variety of school, community, and family activities that not only engage children and families but build a community as well.

We look forward to providing our families with many meaningful opportunities throughout the school year.

PS 9’s PTA Executive Board


Nicole Chedrawi 
Vanessa Gracia 
[email protected]
Co-Vice President
Maya Roth-Bisignano
Ali Ferstler
[email protected]
Treasurer  Maria Biondo [email protected]
Recording Secretary  Jiawei Lu  [email protected]
Corresponding Secretary  Alicia Ruiz [email protected]