PS 9 Naples Street Elementary School Home

Vision Opportunity Independence Collaboration Expression


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower our school community by nurturing the strengths and talents of all our members to reach their greatest potential. Through a rigorous, arts integrated and inclusive curriculum, we are establishing a well rounded foundation that nurtures resourceful and reflective learners who embrace challenges and persevere through obstacles. By nurturing the whole child, we support students with developing an appreciation for diversity in all forms and become valuable contributors to society.

Our Vision

At PS 9, Naples Street Elementary School, students, staff and families believe in working collaboratively to create meaningful opportunities for all members. At the heart of all that we do at PS 9 are our core values: Vision, Opportunity, Independence, Collaboration, and Expression, or VOICE. VOICE is reflected in all instructional and social-emotional curricula, pedagogical models, and everyday interactions between and among students, staff, and families. Our core values will ensure that everyone sets purposeful goals and works together to achieve them. It is VOICE that will enable all members of the PS 9 community to move toward a shared belief in equity, excellence, and high expectations for all students.