PS 9’s Learning Environment Survey

The NYC School Survey Report shares parent, student, and teacher responses to the NYC School Survey. In this year’s report, survey questions are organized and reported as they relate to the six elements of the Rigorous Instruction, Supportive Environment, Collaborative Teachers, Effective School Leadership, Strong Family Community Ties, and Trust. The information captured in this report is designed to support a dialogue among all members of the school community about how to make the school a better place to learn. Taking the time to reflect on our school’s strengths and areas for growth is an important step in improving the teaching and learning environment in our schools. Please share, discuss, and reflect upon your school’s report and use the information as you plan together for the continued success of your school. Carmen Fariña Chancellor

Click here to view PS 9’s report:

Excellence in School Wellness Award

Congratulations to PS 9 for achieving the “Silver” Excellence in School Wellness Award!

The NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Excellence in School Wellness Award was created to recognize elementary schools for their efforts in creating a healthy school environment as a means to promote child health and improve academic achievement. The focus of the award is to highlight school policies and practices that will encourage healthier behaviors within our communities.

Last year, PS 9 achieved the “Bronze” Award and this year, we have improved our school wellness practices to achieve the “Silver” Award. (Side note: last year, no other school on Staten Island achieved the silver level).

A HUGE thank you to the administration and staff at PS 9 for implementing school programs that promote health and wellness- especially in the areas of Physical Education, Physical Activity, Nutrition, Wellness and Mental Health.

For more information on the criteria to achieve the Excellence in School Wellness Award, click HERE.