Deanna Marco, Founding Principal

About Deanna Marco

Deanna Marco, an educator and mother of three young boys, began her career as a teacher at PS 295—The Studio School of Arts and Culture in Brooklyn. Similar to PS 9, PS 295 began as a new school and Deanna had the extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the school’s growth through various roles. For seven years, she helped grow PS 295 as a teacher across different grade levels, supporting a diverse population of students.  As a literacy coach for one year, Deanna specialized in creating and implementing a rigorous literacy curriculum with the staff while creating learning partnerships with families. Following this, Deanna served as the assistant principal for two years, continuing to infuse her passion for teaching and learning with the community. From 2006 – 2013, Deanna served as the school’s principal.

In partnership with the staff and parents of PS 295, Deanna helped it become one of the city’s top elementary schools. As a native and lifelong resident of Staten Island, Deanna is now bringing her vision and experience back home to help new generations of children learn, grow and thrive.


Lisa Bonello, Assistant Principal

Christina Mazza, School Secretary

JoAnn Gargiulo, School Aide

Antonia Iacoviello, School Aide

Lisa Calabrese, Parent Coordinator


Lisa Fiorillo, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Kristen DiGiorgio, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Jessica Catalano, Kindergarten ICT GE Teacher

Jennarose Cosenza, Kindergarten ICT SE Teacher

Karin Molinelli, Kindergarten NEST GE Teacher

Nicole DiRocca, Kindergarten NEST SE Teacher

Claire Aliotta, Kindergarten ASD Horizon Teacher

First Grade

Dana Colasuonno, First Grade ICT GE Teacher

Kimberly Molloy, First Grade ICT SE Teacher

Shannon McCormick, First Grade NEST GE Teacher

Shay Van Name, First Grade NEST SE Teacher

Second Grade

Petronilla Gaglia, Second Grade GE ICT Teacher

Shannon Henrich, Second Grade ICT SE Teacher

Coleen Barrios, Second Grade NEST GE Teacher

Samantha Sahota, Second Grade NEST SE Teacher

Third Grade

Ashley Sinclair, Third Grade GE Teacher

Julie Terrasi, Third Grade ICT SE Teacher

Lauren Stasio, Third Grade NEST GE Teacher

Amanda Buatti, Third Grade NEST SE Teacher

Stephanie Adams, Third Grade ASD Horizon Teacher

Fourth Grade 

Graziella Casale, Fourth Grade GE ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Christopher Mozetich, Fourth Grade GE Math & Science Teacher

Stephanie Swanson, Fourth Grade SE Math & Science Teacher

Stephanie Adams, Fourth Grade ASD Horizon Teacher

Fifth Grade 

Eileen Valles, Fifth Grade GE ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Nicole Venito, Fifth Grade SE ELA & Social Studies Teacher

Edina Levnjak, Fifth Grade GE Math & Science Teacher

Andrea Fusaro, Fifth Grade SE Math & Science Teacher

Nicole Pomponio, Fifth Grade ASD Horizon Teacher

Related Services

Gina-Maria Principe, Speech Therapist

Jessica Arnone, Speech Therapist

Gabrielle Compitello, Speech Therapist

Lai Law, Occupational Therapist

Jennifer Casais, Occupational Therapist

Elvira Kacaj, Physical Therapist

Caterina DiMaggio, Guidance Counselor

Francesca Candela, Guidance Counselor

School Assessment Team

Amy Sblendorio, School Psychologist


Taulanta Murati, ESL Teacher


Jason Ericson, Physical Education

Fran Rizzo, Visual Arts Teacher

David Immiti, Musical Theatre Teacher

Jacqueline Molinari, Dance Teacher

Lisa Savastano, Kindergarten Science Teacher

Theresa Gargano, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade Science Teacher


Stephen Caifa, Paraprofessional

Paula Canzoneri, Paraprofessional

Paula Cipriano, Paraprofessional

Deni Crowley, Paraprofessional

Idanes Font, Paraprofessional

Agnes Fox, Paraprofessional

Marie Gilsenan, Paraprofessional

Emad Metry, Paraprofessional

Suzanne Pantano, Paraprofessional

Michele Pisani, Paraprofessional

Stefanie Tizio, Paraprofessional

Alexis Venezia, Paraprofessional