At PS 9—Naples Street Elementary School, students, staff and families will work collaboratively to create meaningful opportunities for all members.
Our rigorous curriculum will help students develop strong content knowledge and the ability to use it effectively. Rich, educationally relevant artistic and cultural experiences will help us engage every student, deepen their understanding and foster a love of learning. At full capacity, we will offer dedicated dance, drama, music and visual arts programs that build appreciation, skills and confidence.
We are committed to lifelong learning for our teachers as well. Ongoing professional development, and collaboration with their colleagues, students and families, will help teachers meet the needs of students at all levels. Because each child has different strengths, interests and needs, we will tailor our instruction help each student reach his or her highest potential.
We value the support and collaboration of parents, and will offer a variety of opportunities to join school teams, plan events and share your voice, beliefs and talents.
Together, we will build a strong collaborative community that celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each 1site 2