PreK and Kindergarten First Unit of Study

Intro to drawing: Self Portraits – September to mid October – Students will be learning about line and shape, personality, and facial expressions. We will look at and discuss artwork by Paul Klee and Rembrandt. This unit is integrated with PK curriculum, “All About Me” and Kindergarten curriculum, “Self and Others”.

1st and 2nd Grades First Unit of Study

Drawing: The Superhero in Me – September to mid October – Students will be learning about line and shape, personality, facial expressions, parts of the body, and their unique “Artist Powers”. We will look at and discuss illustrations of: Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Superman, Spider-Man. This unit is integrated with “Super Power” units implemented in other subject areas and classrooms.



We are excited to announce that PS 9 is partnering with Sundog Theatre for Dance for a 30 week residency.  Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will explore Creative Movement and Modern Dance, while 1st and 2nd graders will learn African and Jazz.  All grades will perform in January and May as a means to share their new learning. 

About Sundog Theatre: 

Sundog Theatre offers arts-based residencies for students from Kindergarten through high school in New York City’s public and private schools and community-based organizations. The organization bring professional teaching artists into organizations to work with children of all ages in theatre, dance, visual arts, and music. Their artists, all working professionals in one or more arts disciplines and a number of certified teachers, are adept at working with various age groups during and after school. Sundog’s programs teach young people to persevere, think critically and creatively, work cooperatively, hone listening skills, explore imagination and innovation, consider career opportunities, and discover the arts. 

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Now that students are settled in to the new school year, the second Musical Theater units will head in different directions for each of the grades.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Pre-K/K students have begun to work on their plays for the month of December. They will work on singing, speaking and moving in this unit to prepare themselves for the performance. This will help make their play spectacular for their audience to watch in the new theater space.

First Grade

First grade students have begun to work on singing in Unit 2. They will take the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles and learn it from the ground up. They will start by dissecting and speaking lyrics (word) in order to become comfortable. Following the speaking of words, students will learn the singing rhythm, song melody and completely develop the song with all three elements towards the end of the unit. They will be able to sing the song by the end of the unit comfortably and understand how to rehearse singing a song completely from start to finish.

Second Grade

Second graders head on a new quest in Unit 2 and have begun to learn how to read music. The materials learned include the understanding music notes, time signatures, tempo markings, and note names and values. These are all essential items that will help further their understanding of music and how to read it. In the following unit the students will be able to play their recorders and begin to prepare for smaller performances!

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