At the heart of all that we do are our core values: Vision, Opportunity, Independence, Collaboration, and Expression, or VOICE.  VOICE is reflected in all instructional and social/emotional curricula, pedagogical models, and everyday interactions between and among students, staff, and families.  It is VOICE that has enabled all members of the PS 9 community to set purposeful goals and work together to achieve them.  Our core values embody who we are now and will shape us as we move towards full capacity.

Our Core Values – Who we are on the inside and outside

Vision – we set purposeful goals to grow as learners and thinkers 

Opportunity – we believe in taking risks and trying new things to build our confidence 

Independence – we take ownership and responsibility for our own learning

Collaboration – we are all part of a community that works and learns togetherness 

Expression – we use our words and actions to empower us