Kindergarten and First Grade:

In Music Enrichment this year for Kindergarten and First grade, we will learn how to write a creative music song and perform the song at the end of the session!  This will include the following skills:

  • Creating a poem
  • Creating a melody and rhythm to add to our poem
  • Performing the song with movements

This will help develop confidence in performance, learning how to sequence music along with words and help create a poem that will work well with music.  We will also have other songs in which we will perform as well to help make the show spectacular!

Second and Third Grade:

In Music Enrichment this year for Second and Third grade, we will develop instrument playing skills with recorders.  The following skills learned are:

  • Reading musical notation
  • Learning proper playing posture and note fingerings
  • Performing in front of an audience with confidence

At the end of the session, the students will have an opportunity to perform a small concert on stage of many different songs!  This will help each student’s confidence grow in performance and allow them to become a successful performer!